About Us

"Enhancing campus engagement for all students through NIL Donor: A solution to the decades-long challenge of parent travel to see there college kids. Making campus events accessible and inclusive for every family, regardless of distance, athletic connections or financial circumstances. Committed to fostering a better playing field for all students and promoting compliance with NCAA regulations. Join us in revolutionizing the college travel experience for parents to see their collegiate kids."

NIL Donor Inc., a 501(c)3, allows NCAA alumni and fans to sponsor a hotel room for the parents of any student on campus. NIL Donor benefits every school’s student body, leveling the playing field for needing parents.
The best part about our solution is that it serves every student. This is all determined unrelated to athletic ability. At NIL Donor, disadvantaged students of all backgrounds are currently our priority. This direction allows compliance with 16.02.3 Division 1 Schools.

16.02.3 Extra Benefit. [A] An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or representative of the institution's athletics interests to provide a student-athlete or the student-athlete family member or friend a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation. Receipt of a benefit by student-athletes or their family members or friends is not a violation of NCAA legislation if it is demonstrated that the same benefit is generally available to the institution's students or their family members or friends or to a particular segment of the student body (e.g., international students, minority students) determined on a basis unrelated to athletics ability.